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Protect what you love with our premium security window films.

Most people know that window films and tints offer protection from the sun, but did you know that they can also protect your home or business from intruders? Security window film is designed to hold the glass of your windows together even if it shatters due to impact, providing an extra layer of security and safety. Intruders who expect the glass to shatter everywhere and give them access to your building will be surprised to find that it holds together even if they manage to break the glass, which is a significant deterrent that has protected many homes and businesses from theft and vandalism.

Security Window Film in Pensacola, Florida

While the protection from intruders cannot be understated, security window film offers another significant advantage. Residents of Pensacola, Florida will be all too familiar with the fact that windows can break for all kinds of reasons, not just because someone is trying to get inside the building. Suppose your window gets hit by a rogue baseball, golf ball, or even debris from severe weather. In these cases, security window film will help hold the shattered glass pieces together. This means you’re less likely to have to deal with broken glass all over the place, which is a serious safety hazard in its own right.

Here at InvisiGuard Window Tinting, we specialize in installing a variety of window films and tints, including security window film. The film we use is designed to be virtually undetectable, so you (and intruders) won’t even realize it’s there until you need it to be. We encourage you to contact our team to learn more about the benefits of security window film, or any of the other window treatments we provide. When you think of window tinting, think InvisiGuard and call 850-TINTING.