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Add an extra layer of protection to your home with safety window film.

Security systems, strong locks, and durable doors are some of the things that many Pensacola, Florida homeowners focus on to make sure their family and property are safe. Unfortunately, this means the windows are often forgotten. At InvisiGuard Window Tinting, we offer safety window film to ensure your whole home is protected, giving you peace of mind.

Safety Window Film in Pensacola, Florida

Simply put, traditional windows are usually easy to break, which gives potential thieves a way to get into your home. Safety window film, on the other hand, forms a barrier that makes entering your home harder. This extra layer of security can deter them from breaking in in the first place and give you time to call the police if someone does try to enter.

Beyond stopping would-be intruders, your windows are at the mercy of accidents and bad weather. Safety window film can help in these instances as well, as the purpose of the film is to keep broken glass together so that it doesn’t fly around and hurt someone. This is especially important when there are kids and pets in the home.

Safety window film also adds another layer of defense by shielding against the sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. If your furniture, floors, and carpeting are exposed to UV rays for a long time, they can fade. However, when we install safety window film, many of the UV rays can be blocked, which protects your belongings and helps them last longer.

Finally, safety window film may decrease your utility bills. As a barrier, it helps keep the temperature inside stable. This also gives your HVAC system a break, since it won’t have to work as hard.

You might not have considered safety window film before, but it’s a great option for homeowners in the Pensacola area. If you’re curious to learn more, contact our team today. When you think of window tinting, think InvisiGuard and call 850-TINTING.