Best Front Door Privacy Film Options for Your Home

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Having plenty of natural light is a must-have for many homeowners, but those big windows on your front door can sometimes lead to privacy concerns and more expensive air conditioning bills. If you want a cooler home and more privacy without covering up your windows with heavy curtains, there are a variety of front door privacy film options to choose from.

Best Front Door Privacy Film Options for Your Home

One of the most popular options is a solar or sun control film. This kind of privacy tint acts similarly to an automobile window tint by slightly darkening the glass and blocking some sunlight from streaming in. These privacy window tints can range in strength to meet most people’s needs. For instance, some tints only allow 15% of natural light through, whereas lighter tints can allow as much as 70% of sunlight to shine through.

One of the downsides of solar film is that it doesn’t offer quite as much privacy at night. If you like to keep your home brightly lit indoors, you might need to get some curtains, so your neighbors won’t be able to see in after the sun goes down.

If you’d like 24/7 privacy in your home, you can choose from frosted or decorative window films. These special front door privacy films can come in a wide variety of patterns, colors, and textures to blend perfectly with your home’s aesthetic. However, these can be a little pricier compared to other window tints, and certain designs might make it too difficult for you to see clearly through the glass.

To find the perfect front door privacy film for you and your family, reach out to one of our professional technicians to discover all of our options.

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