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The sun’s rays are hot in the Florida Panhandle and Miramar Beach is no exception.

We received a call from a customer who recently purchased a beautiful dinning room table for the breakfast area. The customer also had several doors that allowed sunlight into her home. Unfortunately, the new dining room table and rug were receiving excessive direct sunlight. Our customer asked us to install UV window film to reduce the amount of heat. She added, however, that she didn’t want the window film to take away from the light entering her home.

The solution was to find a window film that would reduce the heat while keeping the light. We recommended a UV window film called Suntek UltraVision 50. This allows plenty of light to come into the home while filtering 99% of the ultraviolet light. The heat reduction was almost 60% which made a big difference in her comfort level by keeping it cooler on the Eastside of her home.

Block the heat not the light! Window film has evolved with new technology that allows you to do so. Please give us a call today to see how we may help you in your home or business.


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