Safety and Security Film


Security Window Tinting for Offices and Commercial Buildings

Your business is probably your most important investment. While you can’t be there 24/7 to protect it, you can increase your peace of mind through the additional security that safety film can provide to your business windows.


Shatter Proof Barrier

Window film tinting creates an invisible obstruction between your business interior and the outside world. When a burglar tries to break the window, the glass shards are held together providing a shatter‐proof performance that slows down any attempts a trespasser makes to come inside. The quick and easy window entry now becomes difficult and discourages the thief from continuing with fear of getting caught. Window film will protect you from lost assets and inventory and keeps your business more secure.


Vandals? No Big Deal With Safety Film

Criminals can attack your business with attempts to scrape sharp objects across your glass. The multilayer protection of commercial window film acts as a barrier to destruction of your glass’s appearance. InvisiGuard Window Tinting window film can be easily replaced and is much less expensive than replacing a window.


Graffiti Protective Film

Graffiti Protective Film is becoming more popular especially in public and commercial areas. Whether you have signs that are susceptible to spray paint tagging, exterior windows being etched or elevators in a commercial building being scratched by vandalism on stainless steel panels, protective film from InvisiGuard Window Tinting can help protect your investments. The film is simply peeled away after vandals attack.


Natural and Man Made Disasters

The dangerous consequences of natural and man made disasters that cause glass to shatter can be avoided. Window films are made of a strong material that binds hazardous glass shards together, preventing the destruction and injuries a broken window can cause. Get peace of mind with the secure investment that window film provides to your business.

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