Myths and Facts About Residential Window Tinting

Myth 1: Having window film on my home makes it too dark.

Not true. Having your windows tinted does not mean that you have to pick the darkest window film. There are window films designed today that allow plenty of light while reducing heat and glare while allowing you to Open your window treatments during the day to give you privacy. Window film comes in a variety of colors and gradients.


Myth 2: Window film is too expensive for my home.

Fact: There are many shades and types of window film that can be installed on your home. It is actually very affordable and the cost is comparable to window treatments. Window film will make your home more energy-efficient. Window film will block out excessive heat and can usually pay for itself in a few years.


Myth 3: Window film makes it difficult to enjoy my view.

Fact: Window film actually enhances your view by reducing eyestrain and will allow you to see the scenery in a clear crisper way. As a matter of fact, most of our customers that have had window film installed on their home will call again for their new home. They know the importance of privacy and enjoying the view they’re paying for.


Myth 4: Window film will change the aesthetics of my home.

Fact: Window film is barely noticeable with most residential window film. Some customers only install window film on arch windows or Dormer windows. The neutral non-reflective window films are unnoticeable. In most cases we install window film on one side or even all four sides to prevent Sun damage.


Myth 5: I cannot use household cleaners such as the much popular advertised window glass cleaners.

Fact: Because of technology, scratch resistant or abrasion resistant coatings have been applied to allow cleaning of a soft cloth or paper towels. This hardcode also reduces scratching and penetration of ammonia or alcohol. So window film can be cleaned with any household glass cleaner.


Myth 6: Window film is bad for indoor plants.

Fact: Window film controls the amount of heat coming into your home. The much-needed blue and red rays from the sun actually transferred through window film. We have noticed over the years that are customers plants actually do better with window film.


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