Boost Home Security with Window Film

Did you know that adding window film to your home windows can help boost your home’s security?

You probably already know that window film can help you save money by reducing the heat that enters your windows, but window film can also improve home security.

More difficult criminal entry

Installing window film to your windows makes it more difficult for an intruder to break the glass.  Obviously, window film is not going to keep out a thief who is determined to break into the house through the window, but it will definitely make getting into the house more difficult. Many burglars will give up and run away if they run into difficulties when breaking into a home, so anything you can do to make it even a little more difficult to break into your home will reduce the possibility of crime.

Safety and security window film can even resist bomb blasts.

Safety and security window film is thicker than the film that is used only to block the sun’s damaging infrared and UV rays.  The additional viscosity of this film protects against broken glass. The film stays in place even if the glass is broken, so window film will also prevent flying shards of glass if a window should break. This helps keep everybody safe from flying glass and keeps wind and rain out of your home even after a window has been damaged.

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Consumer Reports recommends window film as an inexpensive way to boost your home’s security. Check out the article here.