Window Tinting On Pensacola Beach, FL


Solar Window Film


We received a call from a sea-turtle protection agency regarding commercial window tinting on Pensacola Beach.  They noticed hotel lights on Pensacola Beach was projecting large amounts into the night sky. For millions of years pregnant sea turtles made their way onto Pensacola Beach to lay their eggs. When the young turtles hatch they use the night sky and the Moon act as a guide to guide the hatchlings into the Gulf of Mexico.

Due to the growing number of  developments, condominiums and homes on the beach, the turtles are sometimes confused and start their path to these residential dwellings because of their lighting. The turtles are confused with poor vision and walk in the wrong direction. Sometimes they are run over by cars or eaten by predators. Without water and food they will surely die.

The solution was to install a solar window film that would block 35% of the visible light transmitting from the inside of the building to the outside during the night. We chose a Sun Tek product that did this and dimmed the lighting by so these little creatures would not be confused by man-made lighting.

As a result of installing this turtle friendly window film, the new hatchlings will make their way to the water more easily without being confused with man-made lighting. We have been a window film turtle conscience company for over 25 years. If you have an existing home or condo near any body of water on the coast please call us today to see if we can help you! Block that heat not the light with invisiGuard. For over 35 years, Pensacola’s professional commercial and residential window tinting specialist.

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