Window Tinting Film Installation Pensacola, FL

We received a call from a customer in Pensacola regarding window tinting installation. We met with the customer and they had received several bids for installing window film. Many companies are not aware that a five way tool is needed to install window film to ensure it is not touching the edge. Over time, if the film is touching the edge of a petroleum product such as rubber, tar, butyl paint, silicone, caulk, varnish or metal, this can have an adverse effect of the window film’s life expectancy.

If window film that contains metal is touching the edge of a metal frame, it can cause a phenomenon called demetallization. This is better known as a round clear circle (absence of color) that can become as large as a half-dollar. This is where the window film has grounded out from touching the metal and causing electrolysis between two unlike metals.

Rubber, paint, silicone and other petroleum products also can have an adverse effect if the edge of the window film is touching any type of these products around the window edge. This will cause peeling or curling of the window film which usually start much long after the film was installed.

To ensure you have maximum life expectancy on your newly installed window film all of these factors must apply. Correctly installing window film is very important that the edge does not touch any foreign substance, especially petroleum based products. Installing window film correctly is just as important as picking the right product. We are aware of the manufacturers guidelines that give proper installation techniques to ensure the film will be warranted if there is ever a problem.

We have helped thousands of commercial and residential window tinting customers in the Pensacola area for over 35 years. We can help you too with all your window tinting needs.


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Our window films enhance your view by reducing annoying glare without making it seem dark in your home. You’ll be more comfortable in all areas of your home no matter where the sun is shining. At the same time, window film is aesthetically pleasing to the exterior of your home while creating the level of privacy you desire.

Solar window tinting can reduce the heat coming into your home by as much as 79%. Our window tinting film allows you to”Block the heat, not the Light.”

Commercial Window Tinting

It’s no secret to building owners that too much sun entering a building through windows can make for an uncomfortable work environment. With window film, you can regulate the temperature within the building and increase the comfort level for your employees. Our films also carry a manufacturer’s warranty.

Safety and Security Film

Unfortunately, windows break in the Florida Panhandle for a variety of reasons. Flying golf balls, burglary, and vandalism are just some of the causes of window damage. InvisiGuard Window Tinting can dramatically increase the strength of your windows and keep your glass in place when broken.

InvisiGuard Window Tinting installs a thin, transparent protective film that is a barrier against window damage. Our safety window film can help reduce damage and likelihood of injury from flying glass in the event of impact.

Decorative Film

Do you want to add a bit of flair to some old windows for your renovation project? InvisiGuard Window Tinting has a complete line of decorative window films that can add style or privacy to your windows. InvisiGuard Window Tinting’s decorative glass and window films transform plain glass, capturing the look of cut or texturized glass at a fraction of the cost.

The design possibilities are truly endless with decorative window tinting. InvisiGuard offers elegant frosts, graphic patterns, modern gradients, realistic textures, and distinctive specialties.

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