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In 2012, a customer called us that had a vacation home in San Destin. They wanted a clear window film that would offer security and give them 24/7 protection against an impact of an object or to prevent a would be intruder from entering the home.

We installed Armorcoat 8 Mil Clear security window film on the interior window panels of the entire home. On May 24, 2016, four years later, a land clearing company was clearing the lot beside them and a three inch piece of tree a trunk was hurled at the house and hit a window on the second floor. This caused the window to shatter on the exterior panel and the interior glass panel on the dual pane glass.

The Armorcoat 8  mil clear window film held the glass together and only a few glass shards entered the home after the projectile came through a corner of the window. We are confident that if the United States government uses the Armorcoat security window film on over 200 U.S Embassies worldwide, it can protect your home and business.


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