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A customer called from Miramar Beach, Florida regarding two commercial buildings they purchased that had existing window tinting film. The film was more than 20 years old and some of the window
film had been damaged by renters over the years. They were remodeling and updating several offices and wanted to have the window tinting removed and replaced with new matching window film. Their concerns were finding a film that would match the existing film and still deliver UV protection.


The solution was to find and identical match to the existing window tinting. We helped them select a 20% silver window film that blocked 99% of the sun rays UV rays and reduce the solar heat gain by 79%. Once the old window film was removed, the aesthetics of the new film matched perfectly. Whether you have existing window film or are looking for window film for your office or home we can help.


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We also serve the following communities around Destin including:

  • Fort Walton Beach, FL
  • Navarre Beach, FL
  • San Destin, FL
  • Miramar Beach, FL