Different Tints for Different Needs

InvisiGuard Window Tinting can help you select a window film that lets in just the right amount of light.

One of the common misconceptions that you might have about window film is that tinting your windows of your home, storefront, or commercial building will make your windows and rooms too dark. Not true!

There are films with different degrees of tint from slightly tinted to more tinted to promote privacy.

You may have a group of windows that face toward your street that you may want to lighten up just a little bit to help reduce heat and glare coming in through those problem areas. This is commonly known as aesthetically pleasing window film. They are neutral in color and have very little change to the existing windows.

You may have a Florida room or rear portion of your house that faces extreme West or maybe even South that you want to do all you can to cool off those areas.  The window film will not only block the sun and reduce energy costs, but it will reduce glare to help with glare on televisions, computer screens and other areas in your home or office.


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